The psychology of workplace wellbeing

Boosting Workplace Wellbeing

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Boosting Workplace Wellbeing is a groundbreaking book by Dr. Erika Hitge. It underlines the vulnerability of everyday human life and gives readers the skills to live life to the fullest. Topics addressed in this book include feeling good and functioning well, meaningful living, happiness, selfcare and more! If you are looking to reach new heights in your life, you need to buy this book today!

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This book has been written by leading experts and edited by Dr. Erika Hitge, a registered counselor and executive coach.

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The chapters in this book cover many topics but have one thing in common: all of them are written to inspire the reader!


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This book is one of the most insightful works I have read this year. It has helped me to make changes in my life that have positively impacted almost every aspect of my day-to-day activities. If you have not gotten your hands on this book, make an investment into your wellbeing and do it!
Mignon Smit

About Dr. Erika Hitge

I hold a PhD in Psychology and did my research on the wellbeing of psychologists. I am a registered counsellor and psychometrist in a psychology private practice where I serve individuals and the greater community. I am also a registered executive coach.

I lecture and provide research supervision at universities on contract basis.

After completing my PhD, I decided to gather as much scientific data as possible about wellbeing with a view to making the knowledge available to the public in a digestible form. I believe in the strength of a diverse team and therefore gathered professional people around me to assist with the task of writing a book to assist readers with their own wellbeing. The book “Boosting workplace wellbeing” was published in June 2020.

I often speak on the radio about various topics relative to wellbeing and contribute to newspaper and magazine articles. I have published two peer-reviewed articles relative to wellbeing during 2016. I belong to various professional organisations, such as the HPCSA, APA, COMENSA and PSYSSA. I am also a board member of the Islamic Careline. My legacy lies in having touched the hearts and minds of people.

I end all of my written communication with the words “kind regards” as this reflects who I am and speaks to heart strengths of love and kindness that are so important in the context of wellbeing. I live with my wonderful husband, Jos, two dogs and two cats and have two adult daughters who are university students and who live in Potchefstroom.

Exploring A Group Of South African Psychologists’ Well-Being: Competencies And Contests

The aim of this study was to establish the levels of well-being of South African psychologists by implementing a mixed method research design.

Riglyne Vir Die Bevordering Van Die Welstand Van Suid-Afrikaanse Sielkundiges

In hierdie artikel word riglyne aangebied om ’n program wat gemik is op die beskerming en bevordering van Suid-Afrikaanse sielkundiges se welstand te ontwikkel.

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